Chatham residents meet to voice water complaints
 Dec 17 2014
 Residents push for answers to South Sangamon water quality issues  Dec 13 2014
Chatham explores options for water bill complaints Dec 2nd 2014
Chatham seeks information on home water fixtures
April 3 2014
Chatham borrowing money for CWLP settlement  Feb. 25, 2014 
​Chatham hires outside attorney for dispute with CWLP 
October 23, 2013
South Sangamon Water Commission seeks new treasurer, office Oct. 17, 2013
​SangChris Water Alliance Co-op drops sign-up fee, seeks more customers             Oct 10 2013
​Chatham village manager given salary authority for supervisors October 9 2013
Chatham board OKs raises for supervisors
Sep. 11, 2013
Water rates to rise in Chatham 
Sept 6. 2013
Main part of Chatham water treatment process complete      Sept 1 2013
​Chatham Village Board OKs water commission agreements - 
Aug 28 2013
South Sangamon raises water rates, ends agreement with Curran-Gardner 
August 24 2013
Proposed agreement ties Rochester to CWLP until 2029    August 5 2013
Too soon to sue Chatham in water dispute, some Springfield aldermen say    May. 25, 2013
​City preparing to take Chatham to court over water contract -  
May. 17, 2013
Little to agree on in CWLP - Chatham water contract dispute - May 14 2013
Chatham, CWLP water fight unresolved 
​May. 13, 2013
Special process to address Chatham Water Quality issues  May 8, 2013 
Chatham trustees call for new water leadership
Jan. 3. 2015

Chatham residents demand answers to water questions 
Jan. 6. 2015
Chatham resident survey highlights extent of water problems    Jan. 14, 2015

Chatham water chairman Del McCord resigns; residents push for legal action
Jan. 20, 2015
Another Chatham board meeting boils over
Jan. 27. 2015

Choice of new Chatham water commissioner prompts new protests  Feb. 3, 2015
Outcry continues over South Sangamon Water Commission appointment
Feb 10. 2015
​Chatham anticipates conflict in Union contracts; Water fight continues  
Feb 24, 2015
South Sangamon water co-op on 'fast track' 
April 7 2013

​Mau to challenge Gray for Chatham village president Nov 28 2012
​Boil order remains in effect
​August 28 2012
​New City residents hope to connect to new water plant  
July 25 2012
​Water to flow to Chatham, New Berlin on Thursday 
May 9 2012
Chatham eyes growth to the north 
June 3 2012
New water plant benefits from pent-up demand 
May 26 2012
Switchover means new water supplier for Chatham, New Berlin  May 11 2012
New water commission seeking more customers
May 2 2012
Curran-Gardner district to manage South Sangamon water plant   Nov 2 2011
Cost of water plant may rise
July 20 2011
Chatham, New Berlin working on temporary water connection 
March 28 2011
Chatham board OKs bid to build transmission main 
Feb 9 2011
Chatham hikes water, sewer rates
Jan 26 2011
A closer look at Chatham's water and sewer rate hikes  
Jan 26 2011
Chatham pump station bid passes
Jan 12 2011
Chatham trustees consider structure of rate hikes
Jan. 5, 2011
Water, sewer rate increases proposed to Chatham Village Board  December 8 2010
South Sangamon Water reaches deal on access road  Oct 20 2010
Chatham praises CWLP, health department for boil order help 
Sept 10 2010
Financing, planning under way for South Sangamon water plant        Aug 21, 2010
Water pipes going in for Chatham plant 
July 1 2010
Planning group backs Chatham water plant  
June 4 2010
Tree removal sparks complaints about Chatham-New Berlin water plant    June 3 2010
​Earthmoving work to begin on site of new water plant    May 19 2010
​Chatham village manager: 
Water plant receiving necessary permits 
May 19 2010
Work progresses on new Chatham New Berlin water plant May 13 2010
Rochester trustee: Village right to stick with CWLP  April 13 2010
Chatham trustee grateful for water plant passage, wants continued relationship with CWLP          April 8 2010
South Sangamon Water panel starts construction planning -  April 4 2010
Matt Mau: Vote against water plant 'wasn't easy March 24 2010
Davlin discusses fire station closings, Chatham water plant   March 23 2010
Chatham borrows more to finance water plant startup November 12 2009
Chatham Village Board plans to approve water plant borrowing  
Nov 4 2009
Chatham water plant designs should be ready for bid soon  
Oct 24 2009
Chatham board OKs deal for $250,000 water project loan August 2009
Chatham water bills rise an average 7 percent per year 
Aug 11 2009
CWLP hikes Chatham’s water rate 17%  
August 11 2009
Additional increase in water rates possible 
Aug 3 2009
CWLP offers Chatham cheaper water deal 
July 29 2009
Chatham-CWLP water talks stalled July 19 2009
Chatham board OKs budget, rate hikes 
May 13 2009
Rochester-area residents forming water co-op 
May 7 2009
Craig Hall named to Chatham-New Berlin Water Commission  
May 6 2009
Water a top issue in Chatham board race 
April 3 2009
Chatham utility costs likely to rise 
April 12 2009
Water a top issue in Chatham board race 
April 3 2009
Tests: Chatham plant would provide good water at reasonable rates  March 2009
Officials defend water plant’s planned location  March 11 2009
No CWLP, Chatham water contract yet  
March 2 2009
Rochester OKs water deal with Springfield 
Feb 10 2009
Springfield offers water to Chatham at city customers' rates   Feb 4 2009
Chatham OKs joint water commission plan with New Berlin Jan 28 2009
What’s next for the Chatham- New Berlin Water Commission 
Jan 25 2009
Chatham waits to end CWLP contract Jan 25 2009
The commission's estimated water rates 
Jan 25 2009
Chatham, New Berlin near water solution 
Jan 25 2009
​Loami plans to stay with CWLP even if Chatham plant built -Jan 25 2009
Chatham Village Board expected to vote on water commission 
Jan7 2009

One man treated after ammonia spill at Chatham water plant  April 18 2012
Chatham to scrimp to keep residents' water bills down 
April 11 2012
Chatham/New Berlin water rate to be higher than projected March 27 2012
New Chatham-New Berlin water plant waiting for EPA approval   Feb 29 2012
Chatham, New Berlin water to flow in February or March -  Jan 10 2012
Chatham-CWLP water contract may be headed to court    Jan 26 2012
Water plant boosters hope to save on price of water pipe  March 21 2010
New Berlin OKs water plant proposal  
March 18 2010
Craig Hall 'proud' of Chatham
New Berlin water partnership   
March 18 2010
New Berlin mayor relieved by water plant cost study 
 March 11 2010
Chatham board appears ready to endorse water plan March 17 2010
New Berlin board to hear water plant cost tonight  
March 10 2010
Chatham to borrow again to finance water plant plans Feb 8  2010
Water panel goes to court to obtain road easement  
Jan 6 2010
New Berlin may go to co-op for water 
June 4 2008
New Berlin, Chatham officials consider water commission 
 Nov 3 2008
New Berlin to purchase water from Chatham 
Sept 3 2008
Taste no issue for new Chatham, New Berlin water plant  
May 31 2012
Rural Rochester residents show interest in new water commission 
Dec 30 2009
CWLP challenges figures for proposed new water plant   March 16 2010
Residents call for change in Chatham leadership
Jan. 13. 2015
Chatham Village Board to vote again on water commissioner, pursue leak forgiveness 
Feb 4, 2015
Source of Chatham water, election survey staying quiet
March 5, 2015
Chatham residents question need for Village Manager  
March 10, 2015
South Sangamon Water Commission hires firm to run water plant  04/28/15
Firm making changes at problem-plagued Chatham water plant
July 23, 2015
​Public meeting Wednesday to address Chatham water issues
November 1, 2015
Frustrations boil at joint meeting of Chatham Village Board, water commission
December 23, 2015
Survey of Chatham water pipes finds 17 leaks; 114,000 gallons a day lost
January 12, 2016

Chatham trustee suggests looking at return to CWLP for water service
January 28, 2016

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