Chatham Village President Tom Gray Responds
Chatham Trustee Clayton: Remove Water Commissioner
Chatham Village President 
Tom Gray on Chatham water
Full Story Given to Chatham Water Customers?
A “Water” Conversation with Chatham Mayor Tom Gray

The Springfield v Chatham water settlement
Bishop On Air — Something in the Water?

South Sangamon Water Commission — 
Bishop On Air
Chatham Trustee Mark Clayton about Chatham water and the inevitable Water rate increase.
Chatham Trustee Ken Boyle interview
Chatham Trustees talk about water issues
Chatham Mayor Tom Gray talks water and more 

Chatham Trustee wants answers to high water rates & accountability for funds 
Starts at 25:40
What's up with Chatham's water? 
Rachel Otwell 
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 Chatham Residents Say Water Is Dangerous - Water Provider Reacts